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Keep Sex Education in the Home! …right?


There has been an ongoing debate on whether a child should get sex education at school or would it be better for him or her to have the required information at their own home. Some parents may not feel easy talking about sex with their children and prefer that they learn it at school. But of course it is a very good idea if parents can make their children aware of sex and its do’s and dont’s.

Although most parents ignore the importance of sex education and unfortunately let their children learn it the hard way. But a prior check and proper information on the subject help the teenagers become aware of the dangers of practicing unsafe sex and getting trouble.

Initially, it may seem a little difficult to strike up a conversation with your children but if you interact more with them and understand their problems and needs, you would be able to answer their questions easily. Sex education is definitely better off at home as every child gets more personal attention and answers to all their queries. In school, they will be taught only theories. Life is a child is full of questions and queries about unknown. Your child may not feel at ease about discussing their queries and problems with their teachers as they will feel with you.

Sex education should be given at home as children require discussing a lot of things about it. It will be impossible for a teacher to understand and answer the queries of a class full of students. It is the personal attention they need to take the right direction and not some theories to make them confident and happy. Mothers are supposed to be the best teachers when it comes to sex education but nowadays many fathers are doing a great job too.

All it takes is a little support and understanding from you to make your child confident about proper sexual behaviors.

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