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Why We Need Nationalized Tests


Education is generally the responsibility of the state government, with the federal government only having a say in cases where it has contributed funds. If we go back to earlier times, the education system was run locally, with schools deciding on the curriculum independently. But in an effort to improve the quality and standard of education imparted to students a state level school system was established. However, in recent times a major percentage of academicians and students are stressing on the need for a nationalized testing system. To illustrate this fact, a survey found that 78% Americans have endorsed the idea of nationalized standard tests. But why do we need nationalized tests anyway?

To maintain uniformity in the curriculum structure nationwide

If we are to implement nationalized testing, we must first formulate a common nationwide curriculum which will provide the students and teachers with a definitive guideline on what the students will be tested. Though this idea seems to be a bit far fetched initially, once implemented, it will be the cornerstone for a uniform education system throughout the nation. Moreover this will go a long way in ensuring that students living in the outskirts or the villages get educated and tested on a proper curriculum that is being followed elsewhere in the country.

Nationalized test will provide a uniform way of assessing students from different parts of the country

Students after completion of their education at the state level compete for various posts of importance at the national level, thus creating a need for a system that will find the most suitable candidate for the job. As there exist diversified education systems throughout the country, nationalized tests become inevitable. For example, we may need to find out who are the students to represent the country at the International Maths Olympiad or the candidates who get to join NASA. Nationalized tests also solve the problem of comparing the grades of students from two different states as there may be major variations in marking patterns.

Nationalized tests are thus needed to provide an unbiased opinion on the quality of students, to prevent favoritism, provide transparency and make significant improvements in the education system of the country as a whole.

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