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Why is Distance Education Gaining Popularity?


Distance education as the name implies is the method of implementing education to students who are distanced from the source of education by space or time and cannot be physically present in the classrooms. The course material for these programs are provided through DVDs, e-mails, print materials etc and the aim is to provide a comprehensive educational experience to the learners. In the recent times distance education is increasingly gaining popularity all over the world. The reason for this is that it is a very convenient mode of study.

The chief advantage of distance education is that you can study at your own pace and take your own time. You can balance your studies alongside other activities. This also saves you from the daily grind of commuting. For people who have to work and yet wish to pursue higher studies this is the ideal method. Distance education also caters to the needs of parents with kids who find it almost impossible to attend regular classes. Moreover with the seats to professional courses in regular colleges being limited barely a few people can get through.

Distance education gives you the opportunity to pursue the course of your choice even if you do not have the qualifying marks to get through in regular courses. There are also students who do not find the environment in a classroom very congenial. This could be because they are overcome by a sense of embarrassment when surrounded by a lot of other people or because they find it difficult to speak up or ask questions in the presence of others. Studying in their own familiar environment and being at ease with themselves give them a better opportunity to perform.

A person might want to take up their studies after being forced to give it up at some point of time under unfortunate circumstances. Such a person would naturally be older than the average college-goers. Usually such a person finds it difficult to adjust in the classroom environment. Distance education is the best instrument at his disposal.

Learning is a life-long process and often we need education to give us the knowledge, expertise and believability to effect positive changes in our lives. Distance education is not just a boon to a person’s career but it is also one of the best options for attaining knowledge.

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