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Commercialization of Higher Education – Good or Bad?


In times gone by, education and money were distant entities. But with rapid globalization, universities started facing stiff competition from their peers to provide a far better quality of higher education. Like any quality service in the market costs more money, so does better quality education. However the federal and state governments are often faced with budgetary constraints and are unable to provide enough funds to all the universities for the purpose of higher education. This has resulted in commercialization of higher education. We need to have a look now into the pros and cons of commercialization of higher education.

Commercialization of Higher Education – The good in it for us:

Firstly, commercialization of higher education generally results in state-of-the-art facilities for all students as money is no longer a constraint. Moreover as universities are free to enter into corporate ties with variety of industries they can improve and upgrade their infrastructure through corporate funding. The better infrastructure ultimately benefits the students. The students also get the opportunity to get trained in corporate firms and get valuable industry exposure because of a Memorandum of Understanding that is in place between the university and the organization. Another boon of commercialization of higher education is the fact that surveys found privatized universities being more professional in their approach than their public counterparts.

Commercialization of Higher Education- The bad in it for us:

The main drawback of commercialization of higher education is the high tuition fees associated with it. Most parents belonging to the lower middle class with more than one child to educate usually find it impossible to afford such a luxury. Privatized institutions are being symbolized by the rich and elite sections of our society. We may argue that education being the basic right of an individual must be provided uniformly to all irrespective of their financial status. Some academicians have even voiced their concern over procurement of knowledge in exchange of money.

Commercialization of Higher Education- verdict:

After looking at the good and the bad of commercialization of higher education we may conclude that it must be carried out in a regulated manner after ensuring proper opportunity for those who cannot afford it. We must also ensure that the rich and the wealthy are unable to procure a degree based on the power of money.

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