Corporal Punishment does not deter bad behavior


Corporal punishment is giving physical pain to a person who has done something wrong. The common notion is that by giving corporal punishment one can stop the wrongdoer from repeating the bad behavior, but in reality it has been often observed in kids that this form of castigation often leads to undesirable results.

Unlike adults children learn the ways of the world and its mannerisms as they grow up. During this growing period a child has to be continuously disciplined by his or her parents, elders of the house and also by the teachers. Elders often seem to confuse disciplining with corporal punishment whose most common form is slapping or spanking a child. Most parents are believer of the fact that when a child does something wrong knowingly or by mistake then hitting immediately will leave an impression on his mind which will stop him from repeating the same mistake again. But the truth is that by repeated corporal punishment a child can develop psychological conditions which might have a long term affect on his personality. The child in order to save himself from the punishment can take up the habit of lying.

Several case studies show that in the name of corporal punishment which is legally accepted in most of the countries has become similar to physical abuse which has been banned in the entire US but is still prevalent in some parts of Asia and Africa. By repeated physical tortures children usually become even more adamant and might also start hating their elders as they do not understand the reason that why doing certain things are intolerable. On the other hand disciplining without hitting would mean to first make the child understand that why certain behavior is acceptable and some are not. Teach the child some basic rules of the society and why are they to be followed. It has often been found that by giving logical reasoning to your child’s answers you can stop him from doing many wrong deeds.

Foremost it is the responsibility of the parents to teach their child to become responsible and it cannot be taught in one day. Patience is the only mantra which is of key necessity while dealing with kids. By getting continuous corporal punishments a child too picks up the habit of hitting others. Corporal punishment has no positive after effects whereas gentle disciplining will have long term healthy outcome on the innocent mind of your child.


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