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Don’t Waste your Money on School Lunches!


Now that most schools have started providing lunch to the kids in their own school compound, it has become an appetizing option over home packed lunches. Kids are free to choose what they want to have for lunch from an array of foods available at the school cafeteria. It’s true that the school lunch is fresher and healthier than the packed foods. But the money spent on school lunches may be a waste if we consider the point of proper selection of food.

It’s important for a kid to have foods that has balanced proportions of all nutrients. In a school lunch, a kid is free to choose his or her favorite dish from the cafeteria menu. It’s obvious that the kid will prefer something delicious and mouth watering like a chicken sandwich or a hot dog and he can go on having it for days without knowing such junk foods have low nutrition value and can turn harmful. Although some schools are recently following the policy of “no-waste lunch”, that might be of a certain help to keep the school premises clean and to save the hard earned pennies of the parents. But how far this policy will succeed is a big question.

Schools have their own arguments to support this. They think the pre-packed foods are harmful to the children as they are not served fresh and contain added flavor, color and preservatives. Having a snack or a packed pastry is of course less healthy than a fresh cooked food in school lunch. Schools even feel that the pre-packed lunches create environment pollution as children throw the packets in their school premises. But to be very true school lunches are comparatively expensive than home packed lunches.

This problem can be solved if children carry freshly cooked lunches to school. A kid may love to have a peanut butter sandwich or a sweet popper and that can be easily prepared and packed from home. This lunch will have high nutrition value, healthy for kids and will also save pocket pinch.

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